We are proud of the track record of returns we have been able to generate for our investors and can offer two distinct investment vehicles for those who are interested in investing in our future projects.

KHP Savings Accelerator

For investors sick and tired of losing money in traditional bank savings accounts (losing money when taking in to account inflation).

The KHP Savings Accelerator pays a fixed monthly return on your investment, just like a bank savings account, except with a much greater interest rate.

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Joint Venture

For investors looking for a higher-risk, higher-return investment vehicle.

These investments aren’t for everyone, and we are obliged by the FCA to confirm that investors are ‘high net worth’ or ‘sophisticated’ before discussing any specific details.

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Property investment isn’t for everyone but if you are a sophisticated or high net worth investor, we would like to talk to you. Just get in touch with us for an initial no-obligation informal conversation about the opportunities available.